More manosphere podcasts with Waking Life Espresso owners Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens

How do Jared and Jacob have time to sell coffee and do their laundry with all these hours upon hours of “manosphere” podcasts? (here, they recap their trip to Savannah! sounds exciting)


Jacob Owens is “young Jay” on the HolisticGame podcast

The Holistic Game podcast has “papa Jay” who is Jared Rutledge and “young Jay” who is Jacob Owens.

These guys own Waking Life Espresso in Asheville, NC.

Don’t believe me or don’t know them? Well, you’ve already seen Jared Rutledge’s picture Tinder/HolisticGame tweet picture matching with his public profile pics. But they also put their own voices on their podcast! (also something about “hospital sex”) (They also visit “Chimaltenango, city of whores”???)

Both Jacob Owens and PUA “Young Jay” have studied in Costa Rica! But more importantly, they have the SAME VOICE.

Jared Rutledge of AVL (Waking Life Espresso) is the manosphere blogger known as HolisticGame

To be precise, Jared Rutledge runs the HolisticGame twitter and blog. Jacob Owens, co-owner of Waking Life Espresso, helps him out on the podcast.

In case you haven’t had the honor of meeting Jared, you can see from Waking Life’s public Facebook that he is the same dude from the Tinder picture in the previous post.
Ah own mah own BIZNISS.